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For those of you into music making in iOS, Holderness Media’s new Audiobus Plugin, Caramel, sounds amazing. 

That one time in the 60’s the USA detonated a nuclear bomb in space, because, you know, ‘MURICA.

J Dilla Recording Equipment Headed to the Smithsonian ⇢

This is awesome. Americans really know how to honour their music icons, here in South Africa we bury them and forget them.  

So good.

MVB: Minimum Viable Brief ⇢

Stop writing bad briefs. Start getting better results… 

Lunch with Thugz

Netflix, thanks for being so awesome

Died in minecraft and respawned in space!? Awesome. Except I can’t go anywhere. So…

Dark and cold night on friend street

”” by habit47 http://ift.tt/1wCS7y3

Seriously, who actually does this (at Wiesenhof Lanseria Int Airport)

Micah and George doing lunch

Micah and George got overalls today. After that, micah spent the entire day working in our garden. Literally.

Kai discovered YouTube screencasts of California Games. Mesmerized.

"Dads, kids & swings" by wendyjanechong http://ift.tt/1zzDUGm

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