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SA Nobel Peace summit cancelled reports ⇢

The tragedy of this is huge. How far we have fallen.  

"…when they’ve done this. RIP Teddy." by sharynsassen http://instagram.com/p/tiTBV8IHDt/

They see us rolling http://ift.tt/YGTHob

New takealot app has a very minimal UI. Very.

Finally. We are officially Kai’s parents. And it only took nearly 4 years. Go government efficiency.

If you want to become a designer, don’t start by learning software. Start, by learning to ask why.

Apple has a drastic advantage with wearables because it owns not only the OS, but also the semiconductor stack, the branding, the industrial design, the stores, and more of the direct distribution—wearables aren’t subsidized by carriers.

Steve Chenney has some brilliant insights into why the Apple Watch will do what Android Wearables haven’t — become relevant.

Spent a few minutes appreciating our wall garden this afternoon. Such beautiful little flowers.

Such interesting little flowers.

The wall garden is showing off already, and spring has only just started


Just because we can’t live in this house yet, doesn’t mean we can’t swim in the pool

Dared him to try some pepper. Turns out he loves the stuff.

Playshed carnage

Slack is adding about $1 million in annual recurring revenue a month while burning less than $500,000 a month, he said.

Killing it I hope they don’t lose focus.