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This guy obviously got a good deal on the upholstery

This guy obviously got a good deal on the upholstery

Think the interface guys at Mailbox forgot this window. 

Waterfall was a bias for planning. Whenever a project wasn’t going well, the team would try to specify harder. They’d come up with more review checkpoints, more types of documents, all in the name of getting it right the first time. Teams employing paper prototyping and Agile development are showing a bias for making. Instead of waiting for the plan, they start building something.

– They know that what they’re making is likely to be wrong, but that doesn’t stop them. A bias for making doesn’t mean the team never plans. On the contrary, plans happen fluidly throughout the entire design process. The difference is they are evolving as the team learns from the process of making. (Jared Spool)

Why do we never have enough time to do things right, but we always have time to do things over?

– One of my favourite quotes from rianvdm in his Industry Conf ‘14 Talk on deliverables

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Wonder if Hyperlapse selfies will become a thing, because that would be terrible

REMIX: Nicki Minaj VS IBS

How to motivate people 

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Got snake problems? You need the King Sangoma

When Sony was introducing the boom box, the company gathered a group of potential consumers and held a focus group on what color the new product should be: black or yellow. After some discussion among the group of likely buyers, everyone agreed that consumers would better respond to yellow.

After the session, the facilitator thanked the group, and then mentioned that, as a bonus, they were welcome to take a free boom box on the way out. There were two piles of boom boxes: yellow and black. Every person took a black boom box. What people say isn’t necessarily what they do.

Why focus groups should be taken with a fistful of salt. 

Tire makers race to turn dandelions into rubber ⇢

Flower Tyres? 

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Portuguese style marinaded chicken looking rad.

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