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Digital Director at Joe Publicⁿ an integrated agency in Cape Town

1920’s face mask to protect women bathers from the sun, as well as from ever finding love.

Classic and aptly positioned articles in my prismatic news feed this morning

Ice cream


Family vaibes.

Metrofail. Idiots can’t even keep trains running on 2 lines. #thisaintnewyorkcity (at SaltRiver Station)

Nasty Icons. Best Idea. Thanks Amori Brits 

Good UX design is about the quality with which people can complete their tasks


Loving this new app Deckset. Very cleverly makes markdown into slides. Has a few little tricks too giving you extra control of design. 

Everything is designed, but…

Micah writing his name for the first time. #prouddad

Aaah Banksy

Banned. But not Forgotten. #Ayisafani

Liked this Instagram by simaclennan http://ift.tt/1kFO2IR

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