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To design, build, shape products and services for brands and businesses. But first and always foremost, the user.

– This.  


Heavy logs must be picked up, because boys

Kai doing the “falling” skateboarding trick http://ift.tt/1urofc4

"cat life" by thescott78 http://ift.tt/1rDvj1O

"Rules are there NOT to be broken in this case #learningtocodeallthethings" by waller_texas http://ift.tt/1umOzUS

Been one of those days

Gov.Uk Design Principles Are My Design Principles ⇢

1. Start with (User) needs

2. Do less

3. Design with data

4. Do the hard work to make it simple

5.  Iterate. Then iterate again.

6. Build for inclusion

7. Understand context

8. Build digital services, not websites

9. Be consistent, not uniform

10. Make things open: it makes things better

A novice programmer, the kind Clift Norris is referring to, learns to crawl, then toddle, then walk, then jog, then run, then sprint, and he thinks, “At this rate of acceleration I can reach the speed of a supersonic jet!” But he runs into the 2,000 line limit because his skills don’t scale up. He must move differently, using a car, to go faster. Then he learns to drive, first slowly, then faster, but runs into the 20,000 line limit. Driving skills don’t transfer to flying a jet plane.

– An excerpt from a brilliant article on overcoming brick walls when writing code. Short answer: You break through them with your bear hands.  

For those of you into music making in iOS, Holderness Media’s new Audiobus Plugin, Caramel, sounds amazing. 

That one time in the 60’s the USA detonated a nuclear bomb in space, because, you know, ‘MURICA.

J Dilla Recording Equipment Headed to the Smithsonian ⇢

This is awesome. Americans really know how to honour their music icons, here in South Africa we bury them and forget them.  

So good.

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