Credit Checks Made Easy, And Understandable.
Fido is an easy to use Credit Report tool for the rest of us, taking the complexity out of Credit Reports so that anyone can be more informed about and proactive with their financial health.
The Product
Credit check portals are a dime a dozen, in South Africa, but many are incomprehensibly complex, some cost money and a few are thinly veiled scams. Credit reports are important, and can make an impact on life's big decisions. We were convinced there was a better way to help people understand and act on their credit information.
The Problem
• Product Management
• Business Case Formulation
• Product Research
• UX Planning & Design
• Product Design
Project Management
My Role & Involvement
Don't Show The Numbers. Tell the Story.
Our research showed that users didn't really understand what the credit score meant. The single most important principle we adopted with Fido was to humanise the data. Our furry canine friend makes "credit bureau jargon" plain-speak – making the data more relatable.
One of the most important product decisions we took early on was to not show a lot of information, prioritising clarity over depth.

It took dozens of design iterations and countless hours pouring over xml data to arrive at a set of components that balanced information density with immediacy.

The result is a dashboard that's instantly understandable, with depth on demand
Simple makes sense.
Credit scores aren't static – they're constantly in flux. We designed Fido to play fetch, and proactively check for updates to a user's credit status. Monthly updates and an activity feed makes Fido a useful tool for people to come back to.
Proactive and helpful. Fido loves to play fetch.
Designed built and shipped in just 4 months, we were able to design a minimum desirable product – one that conducted 40,000+ credit checks in just three months and tens of thousands more since.
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