A modern reading & publishing platform for Africa.
iAfrica.com approached us to build a modern African publishing platform and reading experience. Qwezi was our solution - a first class reading experience with flexibility at its core for both the readers and content creators at iAfrica.com
The Product
iAfrica.com's readership was aging and its traffic plateauing. My team was approached to re-invision and revitalise iAfrica as a modern , youthful, pan-African news destination.

The project involved several key areas of focus including Branding, Content Format Design, Information Architecture, designing and building a Content Management System.
The Problem
■ Information Architecture - Website & CMS
■ Content Strategy & Design
■ Branding Strategy & Positioning
■ Product Design
■ Product Management
My Role & Involvement
Branding played a fundamental and interconnected role in the development of the new iAfrica experience.

I led several "lean branding" workshops with clients using my Style, Structure, Substance Framework and developed identities to test with stakeholders and members of our new target audience.

Easy to pronounce with a striking logo Qwezi best captured the modern, intelligent and distinctly African character of our publication.
A New Name. A New Face.
A Modern African News Platform is Born
By designing the brand identity website design, content properties and information architecture in parallel, we were able to create a compelling and unique African News Portal in a few short months.
Anywhere. Any Device.
Qwezi was built to be a mobile first experience, for modern urban Africans, designed and built to work on variety of mobile devices and browsers from Mobile Safari to Opera Mini, widely used in countries like Nigeria.
Create your Q. A magazine by you, for you.
A big challenge we faced was improving engagement metrics from iAfrica.com's existing 60,000 newsletter subscribers - many of whom weren't visiting the site. Our solution was the Q - a feature that allowed you the reader to personalise your Qwezi experience.
The Q is a daily queue of articles selected for each user based on their interests. We aligned our information architecture closely to Facebooks Interests graph to make the Q as seamless to set up as possible. Once set up, the Qwezi homepage showcases content that matters to our readers.

Daily Emailers now delivered a synopsis of the reader's Q that directed people back to the website.
Establishing a clear content schema through research and content analysis enabled us to build a robust design system. Responsive content components could be combined in a number of configurations making it easy work to create new pages and test design variations as business and editorial needs evolve over time.
Building an Extensible Design System.
Perhaps the biggest challenge we faced was designing and building a content management system that could be both backward compatible with a decades worth of content and future proof. The result is a tool that offers more creative and editorial flexibility, whilst being exceptionally easy to use.
CMS: A Creative Content Creation Tool
Qwezi had a short life. In early 2016 just before taking Qwezi out of Beta, iAfrica was sold and the new owners had a different vision for iAfrica.com. Sometimes awesome happens. Usually, it doesn't.
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